The concept. The labor. The vision.

Nice to meet you!

I'm Andrea Bazoin (say "Bah-Zwah"), Owner of everHuman, a company that empowers technology users and work teams to "delight in their digital lives" through expert advice, consulting, workshops, tutorials, and downloadable content. I started this company because people, like you, experience daily frustrations using technology, and there are no good services out there to help. Trained IT professionals are there to ensure the technology infrastructure works, but not there to help you use it. Your kids/colleagues/friends are tired of being your personal tech support, and you are frustrated with having to always ask for help (and feeling unsatisfied with the results). 

I am here for you! Consider me your friendly tech support partner. Together, we will empower you to manage, and even enjoy, your digital life - at any age. 

A bit more about me...

I hold a master's degree in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies from the University of Washington, Seattle. Prior to launching everHuman (formerly FreeUp) in 2016, I spent the previous 13 years of my career working to increase access to higher education for first-generation and other under-served students.

As an entrepreneur, I enjoy the freedom to more easily prioritize what matters most to me - being there for my family and sharing my skills and knowledge with the community, on my own terms. In my free time, I am a lover of the simplified life. From KonMari to canning, I work to minimize the distractions of modern life (including technology overload) in order to make space for everyday joys. 

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