Be free of tech troubles - work with us.

Smartphones and Clouds and Apps - oh yes! ​You, too, can FaceTime, Facebook, and face your technology fears. ​Got photos? Share 'em! Tablet still in its box? Let's sweep off the dust and show you what you can do with it! No more feeling alone in the new digital world...let's work together!

Tech Support For Teams

So, within your work team you've got a project to do. Your co-worker Sandra is a whiz on Excel, and Martin is crazy for social media, but Will struggles (in secret) to attach a document to an email. Plus, your documents are everywhere - hard drives, flash drives, cloud drives, email accounts, social accounts, and more! Do you even know who has access anymore?

Your employees want to learn how to use your technology. They're afraid to ask, and you're afraid you may not have the answers. I can help!

Executive Coaching

I know you're there, Senior Leader - hiding behind your screen hoping none of your employees notice you haven't figured out how to turn a Word document into a PDF, attach a document to an email, or manage a group text. Believe me, you are not alone! There are countless successful, seasoned industry leaders who struggle to bridge the gap in their digital skills. I am here to help, and no one has to be the wiser. Let's work together to reduce the stress of tech and keep you at the top of your game.

Workshops and Guest Speaker Engagements

Need a custom workshop? Interested in adding a tech topic to your event? Let's chat! With 20+ years of public speaking experience and an engaging teaching style, I'm ready to share what I know with your group. 

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