The Pitch

Technology moves fast. Keeping up on your own is daunting for many, and often people can get left behind - whether at home or in a workplace setting. Not understanding how to use today's tech tools means you are less connected, less efficient, and unable to fully participate in society. This is both a productivity problem and a psychological one. everHuman provides expert tech support while incorporating proven educational success strategies.


What is everHuman?

everHuman is a technical education company that helps individuals and teams to better manage their digital lives. everHuman brings easy-to-digest technical know-how to educate, build confidence and empower older adults looking to maintain tech skills in an ever-changing digital world. We cover all aspects of tech education, from personal to professional, through one-on-one tutoring and group workshops, to keep you connected and fully-engaged in the digital age.


What do we do?

For older adults using consumer technology and are dissatisfied with the lack of customized, affordable, and compassionate tech support, we offer 1-1 in-home coaching and project completion support. For boomers in the workplace who are shamed and marginalized for digital skills gaps, we offer private expert coaching. For work groups tangled in a mess of software solutions, we offer a full assessment, proposal, hands-on assistance, and training to streamline everything. In addition, everHuman offers customized live and online workshops to help individuals and teams better manage various aspects of their digital lives.


Unlike many highly-trained IT professionals, we do not view the customer as a problem to solve. Neither do we consider tech to own the solution. Rather, we seek to put the tech user in charge of the human-machine relationship, as a carpenter views the hammer. Our job is to understand the gap in skills/understanding experienced by the person, then co-design the solution with empathy and empowerment. Digital skills gaps are addressed with patience, empathy, and easy-to-follow instructions.


everHuman empowers technology users and teams to confidently manage and preserve digital assets, utilize productivity software, and navigate an ever-changing digital landscape through coaching, consulting, teaching, and project completion support.


Vision statements

everHuman is always:

  • A champion, not a judge

    • We champion the person who is driven to learn, despite their own personal technology challenges and fears.

    • We do not judge a person's starting point nor their progress. We serve to build, never diminish.

    • We do not take credit for the successes of our clients. We understand how much work goes in to overcoming a skills gap and we are honored to partner with those who are ready to confront their biggest challenges.

  • An authority, not an expert

    • We own our intelligence and speak with authority, yet never claim to know it all.

    • We point to others in the field who can offer something to our clients that we cannot - trusting that we are great at what we do and can offer even more by being an expert at finding the best answer/resource.

    • We meet the need using all available tools (even those created by others)

    • We are confident, never arrogant.

  • Empathetic, not enabling

    • We seek to understand the problem from the customer's point of view, but do not ask the customer to give up control or set aside their own expertise.

    • We aim to teach, not to fish.

  • Transparent, not defensive

    • If we make a mistake, we will claim it and build a bridge back to trust.

    • We communicate with clarity and sincerity. We do not ask clients to trust us without providing context.

    • We do not exaggerate our work with excessive "sales speak." Rather, we share our story honestly as a way to connect with our clients in a meaningful way.

Mission & Vision

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