• Andrea Bazoin

Let the butterflies move you.

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

As 2017 winds down, I imagine many of you may be in the same mental place as I am - reflecting on the past year and declaring our intentions for the next.

As I've reflected on my 2017, I'm coming to terms with one of my personality traits that has both served and hindered me in my life - perfectionism. It's because of my high standards that I am able to serve my clients so well, keep on top of obligations, and still prioritize my family.

On the other hand, perfectionism has it's price. It often comes in the form of stress, self-negligence, and endless planning and preparation in service to "high standards." Really, perfectionism means not taking as many chances - not seizing enough opportunities to fail, learn, and grow.

Every year since I started my business, I have chosen a guiding word for the year ahead. In 2016, my word was "courage," and it led me to follow my heart, quit my 9-5, and launch FreeUp. In 2017, my word was "formation," reminding me to be proud of each small step I took in creating a strong foundation for a long-term successful business.

This year, the word I am choosing is "butterfly." Yes, it is a word that is loaded with cliche and can mean so many different things. It can be about transformation. It can be about bravely coming out of one's cocoon and facing the world. But, for me, the word comes from the phrase "feeling butterflies in my stomach."

When you feel butterflies, it often means you are about to do something that frightens you, just a bit. Often, this is something positive - like the butterflies you feel on a first date. Or, the ones that come when you're about to step on stage to perform or receive an award. In those moments, you are generally not "ready" for what is to come, but you act anyway. This, for me, is what 2018 needs to be about - acting before I am ready.

How will I know it is time to stop perfecting and start acting? When I feel the butterflies.

That's the moment to hit "publish" on that blog article, to hit "send" on that email to a dream client, or to accept an opportunity for which I don't feel qualified. Chances are, the risk is smaller than I've built it up to be in my head, and the potential benefits might be even better than I thought.

As I challenge myself to let the butterflies move me to act, I'd like to challenge you to do the same - especially when it comes to technology. Are you hesitating to try out a certain app or adopt a new technology for fear you might mess something up? Feel the butterflies, and try it anyway. The risk of trying is minimal, but the benefit may be life-changing.

Whatever your hopes for the year ahead, I wish you the best kinds of butterflies. May you be moved to follow the flutters in your gut, and just go for it!

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