Tech Support For Your Team

Tech. Supported.

Within your work team...


  • Have you experienced interpersonal tension OR lack of productivity due to different levels of technology experience among team members?

  • Is your file management system out of control? In other words, do you know whether that spreadsheet you need for this afternoon's meeting is on Marcus's desktop, Gina's network drive, somewhere on the cloud (which one?), or maybe even linked on Slack? And, once you find it, is it the right version?

  • Do your team members spend more time troubleshooting tech issues than they do using their strengths to further your mission-critical work?

  • Are some members of your team hesitant to ask for tech help for fear of being labeled incompetent or passed over for the next promotion? And, does your team culture actually validate those fears?

Put the termination letter down and take a deep breath; we can solve this!

Today the perfect day to take a step in solving this issue. Here's what to do next...

  1. Click "Get Started" below to complete a brief inquiry form - I'll contact you directly to schedule a time for us to meet and review your biggest tech hurdles.

  2. After our meeting, I will create and send you a detailed proposal for addressing your top concerns.

  3. Review the proposal, including pricing estimates. If you're on board, we'll schedule a follow up meeting to make any necessary adjustments and co-create a contract for the project.

  4. Then? We get to work!

Easy, right?