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Andrea is an experienced teacher and speaker who delights an audience with easy-to-understand lessons and a professional, yet warm, disposition. 

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The Digital You: Creating a professional online presence

In the 21st century, there are now two "you's" - the real you, and the digital you. Oftentimes, professional colleagues may meet the digital you first. Are you satisfied with how you are represented online? In this session, we will discuss the importance of managing your online presence; learn about the best use of facebook and LinkedIn to maintain a professional network; and cover how to manage privacy settings in order to keep your personal and professional profiles separate.

Preparing Your Digital Estate

Learn about how you can prepare to pass along your most precious digital assets like photos and documents while making plans to manage or close down online accounts such as email and social media accounts.

Triumph Over Technology: Keeping In Touch

Let's find the fun in new technologies! I will provide an intro to smart phones (texting and email), social media (Facebook & LinkedIn), and video chatting (Skype/FaceTime/Google Duo).

Triumph Over Technology: Keeping Safe

In this session, I will present an overview of what it means to share information online (social media sites, online payments, and mailing lists). I will discuss basic strategies for protecting your information as well as tools for safely managing passwords and other secure information.

Triumph Over Technology: Keeping Records

Learn about best practices for managing, editing, sharing, and storing photos taken on digital cameras and smart phones. I will also cover ways you can preserve and organize printed photos and videos stored on older media formats (VHS/DVD/film). Finally, I will touch on what it means to store "to the cloud," and recommend the best cloud storage plans.

Triumph Over Technology: Keeping What Matters

Learn about the importance of considering your digital assets when preparing your estate plan. We will review technology we have previously discussed (social media, cloud storage, password managers, etc.) and talk about how you can ensure you identity is protected and you assets are securely shared after you pass away.

Internet Addiction: Why "just stop" isn't working (and what to do instead)

If you wanted to lose weight by improving your diet, you couldn’t just stop eating junk food. Likewise, if you feel your tech habits are over-bloated, saying “no more technology” will be neither realistic nor sustainable. So, what can we do to maintain the right sense of balance between our real and digital lives, especially as technology takes up more and more space? How can we do a better job modeling appropriate use of technology for our kids? Is there a way we can embrace the digital age without becoming slaves to our devices? In this session, we will explore the latest research about our online habits and discuss strategies for thriving in the digital age. Participants will review the latest research on the trends in personal technology use, and then consider ways to bring conscious choice and purposeful habits into our individual digital lives.

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